Although national Covid 19 legal restrictions affecting individuals and businesses were lifted on Monday 19th July there is currently no change to the way in which leisure centres operate.

Due to the high number cases of locally, the risk to those who have yet to be vaccinated and the potential disruption to services and businesses with high numbers of people having to self-isolate we shall continue to operate within the guidelines set out prior to 19th July. 

Customer access to Leisure facilities, including gyms, pools, classes, golf courses, football pitches and sailing, will continue to be available on a pre book and pay basis by telephone or online prior to arriving at a centre. Customers without a pre booked session will be unable to enter a facility or attend an activity.

We strongly recommend the continued wearing of face coverings in public areas and ask users to continue to adhere to the core infection control measures that have been in place through the last 18 months.