Across the Wirral Region

Club development

Provides support to volunteers to set up new sports clubs and helps existing clubs with applications for funding and attracting new members.

Stacey Addison
Tel: 0151 666 4359
Mob: 07825 402594

Coach and Volunteer Development

Sonia Carty                                         
Tel: 0151 929 7806
Mob: 07795 813196

Merseyside Sport promote a range of courses for those working towards becoming a coach or volunteer and those already in the role.

Community sports

Dave Simmonds
Tel: 0151 666 4165
Mobile 07876 577187

A number of community projects are on offer including:

  • Food for Sport
  • Positive Futures
  • Doorstep Clubs (StreetGames)
  • Sportsmobile
  • Club1
  • Us girls

These projects promote sporting opportunities in local areas for young people aged 14-25.

Disability sport

Provides opportunities for disabled residents, aged 5 years and over, to access leisure, sport and recreational activities.

Stacey Addison
Tel: 0151 666 4359
Mob: 07825 402594


National Citizen Service

Paula Baker
Tel: 0151 666 4367
Mob: 07775 675723

An opportunity for young people aged 16 and 17 to get involved in outdoor activities, develop new skills, gain qualifications and create and develop a project that will make a difference within the community.

Visit the National Citizens Service here for information on what is available. 

View more details on the Teenwirral website.

  • Personal development programme for 16/17 years olds.
  • Social mix of young people from across Wirral.
  • YPs to take up active roles within their communities.
  • Summer and Autumn residentials 2018.
  • Programme funded to summer 2018. High profile quality programme.
  • Funding from Central Government directed through 6 regional managing bodies.
  • Places increased in Nov 2015 spending review to 330,000 nationally from 80,000.
  • Outcomes leading to positive life changing experiences, making new friends all with enhanced future employment opportunities.
  • Opportunities in mentoring & volunteering.


What’s on

Find out more about what’s on by visiting Teenwirral.

For more information on any sports development opportunities contact

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Wirral Sports Forum

Don't miss out on the latest in our Talk Series.

Wirral Sports Forum
Does your Sports Club need help generating funds?
Come to the latest Wirral Sports Forum Talk Series.
We're here to help. Don't miss out.
To reserve your place -
Contact: Dave Simmonds at Wirral Council Sports Development Team
0151 666 4165 or 07876 577187 or email:
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3 weeks ago

Wirral Sports Forum

Wirral Sports ForumDoes your Sports Club need help generating funds?
Come to the latest Wirral Sports Forum Talk Series.
To reserve your place -
Contact: Dave Simmonds at Wirral Council Sports Development Team
0151 666 4165 or 07876 577187 or email:
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Hi , could one of your group please contact me , regarding a donation I have for you. Thank you ... See MoreSee Less

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Hello, would someone from your group
Contact me regarding donations. Thank You x
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Wirral Sports Development

☀️NCS Wirral Council 2019 Recruitment NOW OPEN ☀️

Are you, or do you know any one, who is a people person who's passionate about making a difference? The life-changing NCS experience wouldn't be possible without the hard work of our amazing delivery staff. You can be a part of this incredible youth movement.

We have vacancies for 3 Lead Seasonal Workers and 36 Assistant Sessional Workers to deliver the National Citizens Service Team based within our Sports Development Unit.


to chat to someone or make enquiries please contact 0151 666 4367 or Email:
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4 months ago

Wirral Sports Development

Any budding coaches out there?Looking for tennis coaches, volunteers, multi sport coaches, teachers, parents, play leaders, club members & anyone who wants to get more girls playing tennis.

No tennis experience is needed to get involved in the free workshop
Teen Girls Starter Tennis CPD

Aims to increase the number of girls trying tennis and keeping them in the game by providing teachers, students, club members, parents and sports/youth leaders with lots of individual, paired and team activities for developing the skills needed to play tennis, along with many fun games that provide a basic introduction to tactical doubles play and court positioning.

Teen tennis does not require a tennis court and will focus on delivering to big numbers in whatever space is available. This course will make our sport both simple and fun to deliver, in schools, parks and clubs.

Come and join us
Friday 15th February 2019
Wirral Tennis Centre 10 am til 12.30 pm

For more information contact your She Rallies ambassador Susan Keaney:
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Stacey Addison
Tel: 0151 666 4359
Mob: 07825 402594

  • Volunteering opportunities for 16 – 25 year olds
  • Leadership & community development skills
  • Activator and sports courses
  • Training & residential workshops
  • Quality support packages running alongside Doorstep Clubs
  • Funding from Streetgames sourced through Sport England
  • Major growth in volunteering
  • Club1 project / US girls / DSC / Events / traineeships – volunteering / Parklives
  • Food For Sport programme is available to ages are: 12 – 25 years.

Doorstep Clubs:

Dave Simmonds
Tel: 0151 666 4165
Mobile 07876 577187

  • Target Group 14 – 25 years.
  • Top % areas of deprivation
  • Outcomes; increased participation in sport and training opportunities
  • Sport England Funding
  • Four sites of delivery one in each of the Wirral Constituencies
  • Augmented with ‘Improving Life Chances’ & ‘Bridging the Gap funding’

Club 1:

Colin Hunt
Tel: 0151 666 4374
Mob:07788 184681

  • Ages 14 – 25 year olds
  • Range of vibrant solo activities
  • Using local leisure centres
  • Mixed sessions
  • Connected to and changing mainstream sport

Doorstep Clubs – US Girls Project

Colin Hunt
Tel: 0151 666 4374
Mob:07788 184681

  • 14 – 25 year old girls
  • Girls taking the lead in activities
  • Outcomes increased participation for girls
  • Encouraging a wider audience
  • Top % areas of deprivation
  • Sport England funding to late 2016 & beyond

Traineeships / Workforce Development:

Dave Simmonds
Tel: 0151 666 4165
Mobile 07876 577187

  • Support the development of new coaches and existing coaching workforce
  • Ensure safer recruitment guidelines are adhered to
  • Support the wider audience with training and coaching opportunities
  • Streetgames traineeship – £30PW up to £30 weeks
  • YP would be with SDU five days per week – with one day of formal training in maths , English and employability skills
  • Once trained this would lead to employment in SDU or Sport & Recreation
  • Trial phase to be rolled out later.
  • Review January 2017.

Streetgames (enhanced)

Colin Hunt
Tel: 666 4374
Mob:07788 184681

  • New and exciting opportunities continue to develop through this market leader organisation.
  • Wirral Sports Development is highlighted as a quality partner and trusted provider.

Youth Sports Nights

(new funding from Mid Wirral Crime Prevention Panel)

Dave Simmonds
Tel: 0151 666 4165
Mobile 07876 577187

  • Sports activities for young people aged 13 years + previously supported by Public Health
  • Delivered across 3 X Constituencies: Wallasey / Birkenhead / Wirral South / West Wirral. Funding to be sought.
  • Specific locations ‘topped up’ with locally sourced funding to aid duration and sustainability.
  • Work with those communities to enhance capacity and community cohesion.
  • Cross-cutting outcomes through increased participation in sport – reductions in ASB, safer communities, improved health, training & education


EIG Disabilities

(Doorstep Club funding extension)

Stacey Addison
Tel: 0151 666 4359
Mob: 07825 402594

  • Weekend disability programmes across Wirral – under Club1 & DSC banner (14 – 25yrs)
  • Holiday activity programmes – 5 yrs upwards
  • All ages.
  • Outputs of increased participation for the client group. Also allowing parents / carers a break during holiday periods. Wider opportunities
  • New funding source TBC

Satellite Clubs

(Limited time extension)

Stacey Addison
Tel: 0151 666 4359
Mob: 07825 402594

  • Satellite programme is a three year initiative funded by Sport England.
  • Combination of opening access to education site facilities and utilising skills and experience within sports clubs
  • The scheme seeks to provide new sporting opportunities to people aged 14-25 years (with possible inclusion of 11-13 years)
  • Funding directed regionally through Merseyside Sports Partnership
  • New funding in 2015
  • Aim to balance equalities – increase inclusion.
  • Women & girls / disability / 14 – 25yrs
  • 20 weeks of delivery.
  • Currently in year 3
  • Limited to £1500 – £3000 max

Public Health (Drugs & Alcohol):

Colin Hunt
Tel: 666 4374
Mob:07788 184681

  • Targeted 1 : 1 referrals from Response / CAMHS & YOT to Wirral Positive Futures.
  • Ages 13 – 19 years aiming to reduce drug & alcohol misuse.
  • Individual and group activities.
  • Public Health Funded.
  • Outputs of increased participation in sport, reduction in reported use of substances, reduction in ASB.
  • Funded to March 2018.


Run in Wirral:

Fiona Hanik
Tel: 0151 929 7823
Mob: 07769 674718

  • Assisting people to take up and enjoy the benefits of running / making running a sport for life / meet new people with similar interests / improved social life.
  • Sessions from Couch 2 5K to marathon training runs
  • Qualified run leaders lead sessions.
  • Social groups – all abilities welcome and catered for.
  • Check out our Facebook page Run in Wirral

Golf Development:

Neil Price
Tel: 0151 666 4357
Mob: 07801 737510

  • Club TG. (Try Golf) at Arrowe Park
  • Encouraging young people between the ages of 7 – 14 years to engage in lifelong participation in golf through the provision of a community based coaching programme.
  • Footgolf rolled out at Arrowe Park / The Warren / Kings Parade


Community Tennis Coach:

Peter Leatherbarrow
Tel: 0151 666 4165
Mob: 07768 505150

Development new tennis activities in parks and leisure facilities across Wirral

Tennis Development with LTA

  • Oval court refurbishment & 2 new courts
  • Wirral – LTA Priority Area
  • Community Tennis Coach is based in SDU

Wirral Sports Forum

Dave Simmonds
Tel: 0151 666 4165
Mobile 07876 577187

  • NGBs club and Wirral Council group to promote sports and share ideas.
  • Wirral Sports Awards.
  • Discretionary Sports grants.



Dave Simmonds
Tel: 0151 666 4165
Mobile 07876 577187

  • Pt Time Officer – externally based.
  • Funded by Public Health.
  • Increased participation in cycling for all groups especially families.
  • Development of safer cycling opportunities.
  • Developing cycling hubs at G Gap / West Kirby Marine Lake / Oval / Birkenhead Park.

Positive Futures:

Colin Hunt
Tel: 666 4374
Mob:07788 184681

(Enhanced outreach) Police Crime Commissioner funding.

  • Sports activities primarily in multiuse games areas. (MUGAs)
  • Direction from local Police & Crime Plan
  • Outputs of reducing ASB / drug & alcohol / increase positive social impact.
  • Focus on ‘police crime hotspot locations.
  • Activity Based Mentoring 80 X 1 : 1 and group activities for a targeted group of vulnerable young people aged 14 – 19 years based at leisure centres.
  • Wirral wide, but tends to be crime related locations – Tranmere & Victoria Parks, Illchester Square Birkenhead. Close partnership working with Youth Service and police
  • Sportsmobile takes activities into unlit areas 50 weeks per year
  • Opportunities in volunteering, training and apprenticeships


Sports Development
First Floor
Conway Centre
Conway Street
Wirral CH41 6JD

TEL: 0151 666 4350

Tennis Image

Sports Development Unit Contact Telephone Numbers:

Mike Withy

Sports Development
0151 666 4350
Mob: 07876 476442
Stacey Addison

Disabilities / Cultural
Streetgames – social
inclusion / Disability at
Birkenhead Youth
Club. / Satellite clubs
01561 666 4359
Mob: 07825 402594
Colin Hunt

Positive Futures /
Enhanced Outreach
Mobile sports unit
Streetgames –
Illchester Square /
Food for Sport / US
0151 666 4374
Mob:07788 184681
Paula Baker

National Citizens
Service: Lead officer
0151 666 4367
Mob: 07775 675723
Jodie Baker

National Citizens
Service: Assistant role
- recruitment
0151 666
Julie Smith

National Citizens
Service: social action
0151 666 4365
Mob: 07900 138942
Neil Price

Golf Development 0151 666
Dave SimmondsDoorstep Clubs –
Birkenhead Youth Club
/Specific Sports
Development / Wirral
Sports Forum / Cycling
Streetgames / Coach &
0151 666 4165
Mobile 07876 577187
Peter Leatherbarrow

Community Tennis
0151 666
Fiona Hanik

Invigor8 Fitness Classes / Run
in Wirral/ Walking for Health
0151 929 7823
0776 967 4718
Sonia Carty

DBS process /
recruitment / fitness
0151 929
Lucy HolmesMacMillan Community Wellbeing Manager0151 929 7715
07557 311751