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About Our Swimming lessons

The Swim Wirral Lesson Programme

The Swim Wirral programme follows the Amateur Swimming Association Learn to Swim Pathway. Swim Wirral is an ASA Affiliated Provider of swimming lessons.

Please note that email is our preferred method of communication through the swimming journey so please ensure that we are given these details as soon as possible.

Learn to Swim Programme

Learning to swim is a milestone for all children – Join us for the journey.

Our Learn to Swim programme offers classes for children of every age, irrespective of their ability and is aligned with Amateur Swimming Association’s award scheme, with eight levels to work through. The programme criteria can take a child who has never been in the water before and guide them through the early stages, up to working with those who can swim but would like to develop strength and technique.

Our Lessons

Lessons are offered at all six of our swimming pools 5 days a week with some offering lessons at the weekend too. The programme runs for 42 weeks of the year with children taking part in one swimming lesson per week. Lessons are available on various days and times, starting just after school Monday to Friday – making it easy to juggle the after-school diaries!

Contact your local centre or download the centre’s pool timetable for more information.


It is essential that your child is placed into the appropriate class according to their ability. Before they can join the programme, they will undertake a free swimming assessment to determine which class would best suit them. This can be arranged by contacting your nearest Swim Wirral swimming pool or call the Swim Wirral team on 0151 606 2010 opt 2.

Swimming Lessons

  • The swimming lesson programme is continuous, with closures during Christmas Break, Spring Break and the Summer Break only.
  • Lessons will not take place on Bank Holidays.
  • Parents/guardians must notify the team of any issues that may affect the swimmers ability in the water including health or learning issues.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for the supervision of children in all areas of the building prior to, and after the swimming lesson.
  • We recommend that swimmers do not eat in the hour prior to the start of the lesson.
  • Swimmers must change in the changing rooms and not in any other areas of the leisure facility, including poolside or café areas.
  • Swimmers under the age of 8 may use either gender changing rooms when accompanied by a parent / guardian. Swimmers aged 8 or above must use the correct gender changing rooms. Lockers are provided for swimmers belongings. Clothes, bags etc. should not left unattended in the changing rooms.
  • Swimmers should wear appropriate swimwear for their lessons. Ideally boys should wear trunks and girls a one piece costumer. Long hair should be tied back or preferably a swimming cap should be used. Swimmers must not wear jewellery during lessons.
  • Swimmers should use the shower and toilet prior to the start of each lesson.
  • Swimmers must not enter poolside or the lessons waiting area (depending on centre policies) prior to the lesson time.
  • Swimming ability and progression will vary for individual swimmers. We strive for consistency within our lesson programme to the set standards within the ASA National Swim programme. Progressing swimmers before they are ready will not benefit swimmers and may affect their confidence and safety, along with the effective delivery of lessons.
  • Parents/guardians/spectators can view lessons from designated areas and should not enter poolside at any time.
  • Photography and videoing of activities within the leisure facility is not permitted.
  • Parents/guardians must notify centre staff of changes to contact details as soon as possible to ensure that we can contact you at short notice.
  • Queries regarding the swimming lessons should be made through reception at your swimming pool. Please do not disturb the swimming teachers at any time.

Facebook Posts

Conditions are looking ideal for our lovely Ladies who Launch this coming Wednesday. ⛵️
Who wants to get out on the water? No pressure, you learn at your own pace in a friendly, supportive environment and beginners are very welcome. Coffee and biscuits apres sail! We start at 10am - see you on the water! 😎
0151 929 7707 for more details.
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Wow! Just when you think you've seen every permutation possible...West Kirby keeps on giving ❤
Thanks to Rara Sara for a lovely image.
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Photo credit: Bec Bradders
PS Any ladies up for sailing tomorrow morning?
It's looking ideal at last, with sunshine and light winds forecast. Newcomers are very welcome to join our Ladies who Launch at 10am on Wednesdays for a friendly, sociable sail; our supportive instructors are always happy to show you the ropes! 😎
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An extraordinary rainbow at Meols Point, photographed yesterday by Anna Steinmann.
The good news is that the weather looks as though it's improving at last, so we plan to hold our first Adult Open night of the season on Monday coming 6 till 8pm. Holders of L1 dinghy sailing & windsurfing are welcome, as are those with more experience 😎
PS older teenagers are also very welcome!
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A great turn out to our first junior sailing club night of the 2019 season.
Congratulations to all, especially to our hardy newcomers - it was pretty fresh! Smiles all round, even from the smallest sailors, who experienced their first capsize and still kept smiling! 🙂⛵️
Beginners are very welcome to come along on Fridays 5.00-8.00 - just let us know in advance on 0151 929 7707.
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Who's been polishing the lake? 🤣
A glorious shot by Steve Coyne.
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First session on the water for the lovely Ladies who Launch tomorrow morning! The wind looks light but I'm afraid we can't promise the sunshine! Beginners and regulars are all welcome to join us at 10am - if it's your first time you'll be in good hands with instructors Bernie, as usual, and the very charming David. Enjoy! ⛵️ ... See MoreSee Less

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We had hoped to re-launch our Junior Sailing Club this week following the lovely sunshine of a few days ago. Unfortunately the forecast isn't good tomorrow (looking cold & windy!) so we will hopefully hold our first session next Friday 3rd May 5.00 - 8.00pm. Beginners are very welcome to join us (minimum age 8 years) but please let us know in advance on 0151 929 7707. See you on the water! ⛵️ ... See MoreSee Less

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4 weeks ago

Wirral Sailing Centre

Absolutely mesmeric; could watch this for hours...

Blissfully under the spell of the ocean’s colorful hypnosis. Video: Conor Hegyi Films
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10.15 – 10.45am arrive 10.00am

11.00 – 11.30am arrive 10.45am

30 minute children’s stamina class

Any age Any ability All welcome

No booking required, pay as you go £5.75 per class

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How Swimming Can Prevent Heart Disease:

  1. Swimming for half an hour a minimum of three times a week can significantly lower blood pressure levels.
  2. It helps you maintain control over your cholesterol levels. The fat burning properties of swimming for 30 minutes increases your chances of reducing dangerous cholesterol like Very Low Density and Low Density Lipoproteins. These can cause high cholesterol levels in the blood.
  3. Swimming boosts your metabolism. 30 minutes in the pool is worth 45 minutes of land based exercise. It also raises good cholesterol levels too!

Swimming Lessons Information

Payment Methods

There are two ways you can make payment for swimming lessons.

You can opt to pay a monthly direct debit to secure your place month on month.


You can pay up front for a block of 12 lessons.

Progress, feedback and certificates

We understand you would like regular updates on how your child is progressing. Our online home portal allows you to track your child’s progress through lessons at any time from your own home. Click here to view your child’s progress on the Learn 2 Home Portal

Entry into the Swimming Scheme

To check availability, customers should first contact their local centre

Where there is no immediate availability customers will be offered the opportunity to be added to the waiting list and be offered the choice of which centre(s) waiting list they wish to be added to.

We will fill places from the waiting list as soon as there is availability.


Lesson Cancellations

Should it be necessary to cancel a lesson, we will notify you as quickly as possible. Our preferred method of contact will be via email. Please ensure that you have provided us with an up to date email address.

For parents/guardians without an email address, please ensure we have an up to date contact number.

Payment Options

Payment via monthly Direct Debit is available and based on an actual cost per lesson of £5.75 averaged across 12 months, giving a simple monthly payment.

There are two payment dates to choose from, either 1st or 20th of each month.

An initial pro-rata payment will be required for the period between your first lesson and your first Direct Debit payment. This payment can be made in cash or by debit card.

Payment via Direct Debit secures your child’s place on the programme .

Cash or Card payment is available for a block of 12 lessons, which can be topped up at any time prior to the last lesson.

Electronic Devices

Swimming teachers will be using iPads during lessons. These will be used to take registers, deliver the scheme of work and also to record the assessment and progress of your child.

Information kept on electronic devices is minimal and only sufficient for the teacher’s requirements.

Functionality on these devices has been restricted to prevent unwanted use of other functions on the device.

Email Communication

Emails are our preferred method of contacting you.

Emails will be sent to customers (where an email address is available) to inform them:

When a badge has been awarded.
When a child is ready to move into the next stage.

When a top up payment is due (customers paying cash only).
When a child has been booked into a class.

We may also use emails to communicate last minute facility closures or cancellations.


Swim Wirral Home Portal

What is the Home Portal

Home Portal is provided to enable customers to have access to additional information regarding their child’s swimming lessons.

Customers will also be able to move swimmers to the relevant next stage once they have achieved the required standard. An email notification will be sent when this is available. The Home Portal will be updated at the earliest opportunity after your child’s lesson.

Visit the home portal here

Swim Wirral Home Portal

To register for Home Portal, you will need:

  • Membership Card ID Number, This is located under card barcode.
  • Collect the card from any Leisure Centre.
  • Swimmer’s date of birth.
  • Swimmer’s registered post code.
  • A valid registered email address.

Parents/Guardians can add all their enrolled children onto one account so that only one set of login details are needed. Visit the Home Portal here.


Why Use the Home Portal

Home Portal allows us to give you instant feedback on the swimmer’s progress after every lesson. You can check your child’s progress online at any time and to see any areas where they may be struggling so you can help them to work on those areas outside of lesson time.

Home Portal will also enable you to move your swimmers to their next stage and even change the date and time (subject to availability).


Follow your child’s SWIMMING progress with OUR HomePortal TOOLKIT

our easily accessible on-line tool provides you with access to your child’s swimming lesson progress plus  additional information including payment portal, fluid movement between stages and achievements




Advice for Parents

Swim Wirral Continuous Assessment

The governing body for swimming lessons, The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) recommends that children within our programme are examined continuously throughout the Swim Wirral programme. This allows us to:

Provide one continuous course with breaks built in at Christmas, Easter and the summer holiday period.

Offer parents a greater input as to when and where their child’s lesson will take place.

Remove the need to queue at reception for re-enrolment.

Enable children to move stages when they reach their attainment level throughout the course, rather than waiting until the end of each term.

Email Communication

With over 3,000 children on our lesson programme at one time, our preferred method of communication is by email. This will enable us to contact you immediately when:

  • Your child has been booked into a class.
  • Your child has been awarded an achievement award.
  • Your child is ready to move into the next stage.
  • Lesson top up payment is due (customers paying in 12 week blocks only).
  • We experience last minute swimming lesson cancellations and facility closures.

The Top Up Process

With the introduction of continuous assessment we have removed the need to stand in a queue at the end of each term to rebook your lessons. You can now simply rebook your lessons through TOP UP. This is how it works:

Swimming lessons are purchased in blocks of 12. When your child is at the point where there are 4 lessons remaining, we will notify you, by email, inviting you to top up your lessons at the leisure centre that your child attends.
You will continue to receive email reminders for the next 3 weeks until your block of 12 lessons are completed.

If you have not topped up before the final lesson starts, we will assume that you no longer require your place on the Swim Wirral Programme and your child will be removed.


Registering & Using Homeportal

Register here

There are great benefits of registering with Homeportal. Once registered you will able to:

  • Ensure you have a place on our lessons programme for as long as is required.*
  • Top up your account to guarantee your place.
  • Never have to wait at reception to book onto a lesson.
  • Monitor your child’s progress and, when your child is ready, move them to the next stage.
  • Create one account to include all enrolled children so that only one set of login details are needed.

*This is providing adequate payments are being made to cover the lessons received.

To register you will need:

  • Your child’s membership card number, this can be found at the bottom of your child’s membership card starting with “MBW” which can be found at the bottom of your child’s membership card
  • Your child’s date of birth e.g.(01/01/2001)
  • Your registered postcode
  • A valid email address that matches the one you have registered with us.

Should you have any queries regarding your child’s swimming lessons, we have a friendly and helpful administration team that can talk you through any issues that may arise. You can contact us by email or phone on:

Tel: 0151 606 2010 option 2

Email us here